“Great location”

I chose this house because it is in a great location, the design of the house was amazing and the size of the rooms, were beyond my expectations. It is very affordable. This house also makes me feel safe. I love it!!

— T. Williams

“Convenient, Safe, and Affordable.”

I’ve resided in a room for the past two and a half years and I can say it’s been a convenient, safe, affordable and family oriented experience. Mrs. Hill has really been a mom away from home during my college matriculation and has helped a lot!

— J. Burrow

I would say that I am very fortunate to have stayed in one of the Rooms Around Campus homes in the last year. The rent is very reasonable, my room came fully furnished with great furniture, and my house is located right down the street from my school so I can save a ton of money on gas. On top of that, Mrs. Hill is always helpful and quick to respond when there is a malfunction with something in the house. In other words, I would definitely recommend Rooms Around Campus to all college students.

— C. Sutton